13 Clearly Brilliant Projects That Use Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is a great product that allows your imagination to run wild any time you get creative. Do you want to design a stunning epoxy resin table, lamp, or maybe some cute decorations? When you look through these interesting projects you will find a range of ways of using this material to bring your designs to life. See which projects most appeal to you by discovering the very best ones that we have gathered together for you.

By Best Of Hometalk

Add Pebbles to an Epoxy Resin Table

The idea of an epoxy resin table is something that captivates many DIY fans. Hometalker Stephen Taylor decided to use schist pebbles and a couple of wooden slabs to make

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Epoxy Resin Table DIY

A Fun Table for the Kids

This is another clever use of epoxy resin to produce a fun, unique table. Hometalker Glen used a variety of colors to produce this stunning design for his two-year-old

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s epoxy resin projects, A Fun Table for the Kids

A Glow in the Dark Table

In this case, the image shows a glow in the dark table made with river rocks and clear epoxy resin. Hometalker Jeremy Hoffpauir started with a piece of walnut that he

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s epoxy resin projects, A Glow in the Dark Table

Inspired Door Knob Designs

You can also use this material for other stunning items around the home. One fantastic example comes from Hometalker Unique Creations by Anita, who designed epoxy resin

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DIY epoxy resin project

Make a Shiny Desk

If the idea of a wonderfully shiny, high-gloss table appeals to you then you will love this project. Hometalker Jessica VanderVeen turned a piece of solid fir into

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epoxy resin wood desk

Convert an Old Table

Do you have an old table that needs to have new life breathed into it? If you do, then Hometalker Ron Onrust shows you how to convert it into a terrific-looking table

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s epoxy resin projects, Convert an Old Table

Get the Rustic Look

It is possible to combine the rustic farmhouse look and an epoxy resin project as well. Hometalker Jeremy Hoffpauir lists 14 steps to make this incredible wooden table

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color epoxy resin

A Cool Guitar Pick Table

The beauty of epoxy resin tables is that you can add just about any object that interests you. In this example, Hometalker Laci Jane DIY used a lot of guitar picks to get

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epoxy resin table DIY

A Stunning Glass Lamp

Clear epoxy resin can be used as a subtle way of enhancing the beauty of a DIY project. Here, we can see how Hometalker JackmanWorks created a lovely glass and concrete

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s epoxy resin projects, A Stunning Glass Lamp

Make Your Own Art

Get in touch with your artistic side by using epoxy resin to create something out of the ordinary. Hometalker Mark Montano made this butterfly art, which is ideal for

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repoxy resin art

Pour Resin over Fabric

This neat project involved pouring clear epoxy resin over a table with fabric on top of it. Hometalker Donna Powell was the brains behind this intriguing idea and the

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epoxy resin fabric table

Get a Smooth, Glass-Like Finish

Have a look at how Hometalker BeachBum Livin finished a lovely wooden coffee table made from an abandoned futon. He used chalk paint and epoxy resin to really turn it

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epoxy resin glass table

Use Epoxy Resin with Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers and epoxy resin can be combined to give stunning home décor trays like this. Hometalker Dawn Neumeister glued her pretty flowers to a glass plate in the

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easy epoxy resin table