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Asked on May 10, 2019

How do I fix my soil?

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I am new to the area Tualatin. This will be my third year for the square foot garden. The first year I got a late start and had a mild vegetable crop that was yielding good looking tomato, beans and squash. Second year my season was outstanding the crop was overwhelming with abundance of vegetables that looked great. This year we added new soil to the boxes that was recommended for square foot gardens that produced vegetables. I planted according to our season with my starter plants from inside my home and additional plants that I had purchased. I also noticed that this sold seem more woody than normal and did not have the consistency of the soil I had previously in the past growing seasons. The plants were not doing well. In fact tomato plants seemed to be stymied. The radishes would grow out of the ground to a certain point then stay small and not grow any more. So my question is did my soil get messed up and what do I do to fix it. I never had this problem in Utah growing. It is a whole new crop here.

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