YearEnd Teacher Gift Pencil Organizer

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If you have a few kids in school, you are probably looking for a cute teacher gift but one that won't break the bank! This super cute pencil organizer is the perfect end of year gift. Let's get started!

Begin by cutting the 2x4 20” long

Next, mark one end of the 2x4 in the center. This will be used as the point of the pencil.

Angle the wood, and cut!

Flip it over and do the same angle to the other side.Now you have your pencil point  .

Next, let's work on the pencil organizer. I drilled three holes, but you can do as many as you'd like. I used a 3/4" saw bit this takes some time. TIP: Drill half way down , and then remove the wood, and then go the other half way down. This prevents it from getting stuck in the bit!

After all the holes are drilled in, sand down the whole thing. ( It should not take too long. I used the premium 2x4" just a tip worth an extra 30 cents!)

Now once it's ready to be painted, hold the tip and spray the end a pink- I used Frosty Berry from Lowe's. Give it a minute to fully dry.

Still holding on to the tip, spray the length of the wood yellow. I used Gold Abundance which is also available at Lowe's. You can leave a bit of space between the punk and yellow because, we're going to put silver there.

After the yellow and pink paint have dried, paint the tip black (like lead). It doesn't need to be perfect because the ridges at the end of the pencil make sense! Watering the paint down just a bit helps with application.

Finally grab the sliver duck tape and start on bottom ( we don’t want to see the seem) go around to cover where the yellow and pink don’t meet 😂.

Now the pencil is ready for a teachers name!

Here are a few finished ones, there are some lucky teachers out there! I hope this inspired you to make one for the teachers in your life!

Suggested materials:

  • 20” wood 2x4
  • Paint black
  • Brush
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  • Shuganne
    on May 20, 2019

    BTW, I'm not on Facebook. Is there another place I could look (and drool.)🤣

  • Latoya
    on Jun 9, 2019

    What did you use to draw the name is it a stencil?

    • Shelly L Nemeth
      on Jun 9, 2019

      You can print any name out on your printer and then turn over and color the back with pencil then turn it over and trace the letters this will give you a outline and paint it on. That’s next best if you have no way of making vinyl letters

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  • Ruth McAlpin
    on Jun 10, 2019

    absolut think this is adorable and not crazy hard. I’m having problem finding the things I want to do this heart . Advertising at bottom of all projects that is to small to hit x so if you try you are going there. Very frustrating.. definitely doing this one. My grands are in jr and high school so they have many teachers so may make for there rooms . I do have many children that grew up with mine that are teachers now and that’s a thought!

  • Ruth McAlpin
    on Jun 10, 2019

    Sorry phone needs charging which messes up spelling.. .it is hot

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