Home and Garden Decor Inspiration: How to Make a Breathtaking Lantern

Sometimes, you need a fast and easy DIY idea you can throw together at home. We’ve all been there. It could be for a special occasion or to brighten a corner in your home or garden. Lanterns are an old favorite in the DIY world. Now, there are new ideas and simplified guides to help you create something stunning at the drop of a hat. We’ve sourced the most inspiring creative ideas and compiled them here for easy reference.

By Best Of Hometalk

Capture Winter’s Beauty: Make a Lantern

Welcome visitors to your front door with a handmade lantern. This activity requires fencing, paint, floral foam, a glass vase, glue, battery-operated lights, and a few

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outdoor winter lantern

Brighten Winter with the Glow of a Lantern

Turn a simple lantern into a fall masterpiece by mounting it on a block and adding a few gorgeous leaf cutouts. It's a simplistic approach to season-appropriate festive

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decorative winter lantern

Get Festive in the Fall with a Lantern

"All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey. I’ve been for a walk - on a winter’s day" - the words to California Dreaming fit perfectly with this picture-perfect

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outdoor lantern diy

'Fall' in Love with a Homemade Lantern

Hometalker Southern Charm Wreaths has created a fantastic fall lantern design. For this project, it's important to choose your colors when you start. Once you've done

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lantern wreath diy

Shine the Spotlight on the Highlights of Fall

A conglomerate of warm colors, fallen leaves, and a touch of sparkle. Hometalker Michelle uses a real candle in this lantern. She removed the glass panels from the

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decorative lantern idea

Waste Not, Want Not - A Lantern DIY

The trick to making a creative idea work lies in finding a great guideline. Hometalker Nancy shares her quirky craft idea: making Chinese lanterns from old and used soda

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chinese lantern can diy

How to Create a Calm Atmosphere (Four Steps)

Cut out hours of painstaking measuring, drawing, and snipping with a paper star kit. It doesn’t look simple, but making this star is a matter of assembling the pieces -

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paper star lanterns

Paper Lanterns Gently Steal the Show

To create these stunning lanterns, all you need are household items like coffee filters (and tea bags for color). It's a simple matter of ruffling the filters and joining

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diy paper lantern coffee filter

Paper Lanterns That Will Take Your Breath Away

Paper doesn't need to be plain and predictable. These lanterns are made using furniture catalogs, toilet roll, scissors, glue, and a whole lot of creativity. It's a

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diy Paper Lanterns

Water Bottle Lantern DIY (in Under 2 Hours)

The beauty lies in the cutout. You can design and print your own, or follow the directions provided by Hometalker APieceofRainbow, in which she uses empty plastic soda

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plastic Bottle Lantern DIY

Stained-Glass Lanterns: Vibrant Inside & Out

You only need three materials to create these cheerful summer jar lanterns: jars (any glass jars will do, get creative and choose something fun), crystal gloss enamel,

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Stained Glass Lanterns diy

Decorative Glass Lantern; 15-Minute DIY Project!

Candles? Check. Pebbles? Check. Glass jar? Check. Succulent? Check. Add the stones, position your candle, and find the next steps in Hometalker Jamie's guideline. This

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Decorative Glass Lantern diy

How to Combine Vintage with Shabby Chic

This DIY project does it differently, bringing a vintage aspect into the modern and trendy look the mason jar has given us. All you need is tulle, LED lights, and mason

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diy lantern ideas

Picture Perfect Lantern Gifting Ideas

Picture this: instead of throwing out old picture frames, create a lantern using frames and glass, color rocks, battery-operated candles (if you plan on lighting the

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s lantern ideas, Picture Perfect Lantern Gifting Ideas

Slumber Party Fun for Kids: Make a Lantern

Hometalker Monica offers you a step-by-step guide. You will need mason jars, adhesive vinyl shapes, chalk paint, and 18-gauge plastic-coated craft wire. Party favors

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painted lantern ideas

DIY: Make Halloween Lanterns That Look Bought

Hometalker Bryan shares his secrets to creating Halloween lanterns that look like they’re from a movie set using printer paper, glue, wallpaper paste (for the paper

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 DIY Halloween Lanterns

A Jack O’ Lantern DIY Using Mason Jars? Yes!

If you need some Halloween decorations in a hurry, grab a few mason jars, some spray paint, and adhesive-back vinyl. Hometalker Angela has a DIY idea that is easy to

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Jack O Lantern Mason Jar DIY