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How to repair loose drywall tape on cathedral ceiling joints?

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q repair repetitive loose drywall tape on cathedral ceiling joints
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  • Zard Pocleeb
    6 days ago

    It may be that it wasn’t installed properly (dry). Remove the remaining tape. Put down a light coat of joint compound. Press new tape into the wet compound and let it dry. Sand lightly then apply additional coats until it is smooth. Make sure you feather the edges out wider and wider with each coat. Feather the edges wider with each successive coat or you’ll have a very noticeable hump. Ensure you sand between each coat.

  • Eliza Spear
    6 days ago

    If the tape is actually loose there is no other way to fix it than remove and replace. If it is just that the mud is cracked or pieces of dried mud have come out, you can patch with new drywall compound.

  • Wynne Wigderson
    6 days ago

    This nearly drove me crazy in my home! I couldn’t figure out why the ceiling were all shot on with that spray crap-after I took it off! After trying many of the other things people told me to do( which didn’t work) I came up with the idea to use wood on the ceiling! Boy am I glad I did! It’s beautiful! Here are my bathroom ceiling now.In the upper hallway I had them ‘drop down ‘ a new ceiling bc it was a high ceiling the 3inches didn’t matter.It looks great too. Hope this helps!

  • Cynthia H
    6 days ago

    I would remove the tape and replace it. Is it a new house? Any warranty? If so, go that route first.

  • Alex DeRoberts
    6 days ago

    not new. Ok thanks

  • William
    6 days ago

    Remove the old paper tape. Use fiberglass mesh drywall tape across the joint. Sticky on one side. Then apply no shrink drywall patching compound, feathering the edges. Let it dry overnight. Next day use a damp sponge to smooth out the patch. Prime and touch up paint.

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