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How to refinish this thin wood doll house?

Lora BloomquistLKNancy


given to me from a neighbor who's father made it. she was going to throw it away. can any of the wood be salvaged?

q how to refinish this thin wood doll house
q how to refinish this thin wood doll house
q how to refinish this thin wood doll house
q how to refinish this thin wood doll house
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  • That doll house looks adorable. You can use wood glue to attach the pieces. Wood epoxy and/or fillers to patch up any cracks or dents. You can sand the wood, prime and paint and it would look amazing.

  • Joy30150932
    2 days ago

    It needs some light sanding and then you can finish it with a semi tranparent stain.

  • Jamie Boyce

    You could always go in a different direction and embrace the aged, weathered appearance for a haunted house. You could use washes of grey to get that abandoned house look and hot glue strands for cobwebs (lightly brushed with white). Twigs on the roof look like tree branches and the windows could be blacked out to appear missing. Let you imagination run wild.

    • Pamela

      I agree , that's just what I would do !!! I would even use crackle medium to age it even more !

  • Nancy

    I think all the above answers are great! I would wipe it down with Murphy's Oil Soap though before doing anything.

  • LK
    10 hours ago

    Paint the window frames; cut sheets of sandpaper into 1/2 inch squares and glue on roof to make it look like roof tiles that will give a more textured look and add color.

  • Lora Bloomquist
    31 minutes ago

    It's adorable! I'd fix the broken pieces with glue and then embrace it's rustic style. After a good cleaning with soap and hot water, let it dry in the sun. When the wood is really dry, seal it all with water-based polyurethane inside and out to seal in any smells. It would be cute on shelf brackets facing in or out, or displayed on the top of a tall cupboard. I use an old tin one in my decor, and even tucked a light string inside last Christmas. Plants inside would be cute, too!

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