How to Create an Indoor Growing Room For Plants

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Recently, I moved from a small house with a garden into an inner-city apartment. Although my apartment had more space and was in a better location, I was disappointed by the lack of greenery in my life. At my old place, I had a small vegetable garden and tons of house plants.

So I decided to do a bit of researching into how I could grow great plants indoors and found out about indoor growing rooms. After looking into it further, I decided to create a DIY growing room, and create a step-by-step guide to what I did to help others to add more plant life to their homes and apartments.

Step One: Gather the Materials

how to create an indoor growing room for plants

To get started creating your door growing room, you’re going to need to gather a few materials. The things you’ll need are pretty easy to get hold of. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to get:

  • A Cardboard Box
  • An LED light
  • Some Spray Glue
  • Some Tin Foil

Also, make sure you have a box cutter or at least some scissors as you’re going to need these in later steps.

Step Two: Prepare Your Box

In order to help your plants to grow, you’re going to need to line the box to help the light to reflect off of all the sides. To do this, you need to take you the spray glue and cover the sides that make up the inside of the box.

how to create an indoor growing room for plants

Once the glue is applied, line the sides with the tin foil. Try your best to get lay the foil as smoothly as possible, as this will help you box to be more effective. The foil will also help your box to be more waterproof, so you can also consider layering more foil on the seams to prevent water from getting underneath the foil layer.

Step 3: Install light

how to create an indoor growing room for plants

For my lighting, I chose to use LED strip lights which I could top of the box. I then cut the edges of the box to create a flap style lid which I could use to get in and out of the box and access the plants properly.

Step 4: Add Plants and get Growing

Once your box is ready to go, you can then decide which plants and natural herbs you wish to grow in your box. If you want your plants to grow well, I recommend using some sort of fertilizer. I started with some seedlings in a tray like you can see in the photo below and then switched them into larger pots as they got bigger.

how to create an indoor growing room for plants

So there you have it, your very own indoor growing room. I hope you found this guide informative and good luck with your own gardening adventures.

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2 questions
  • Fran2
    5 days ago

    I wish you had posted the finished box. I have no idea what it should look like. Is it a box with 4 sides and a lid? Or is the front open so I can see the plants?

    • Liz
      5 days ago

      It looks like 4 sides and a lid. I believe it is only for starting plants, then they can be used (vegetables) or put somewhere else in your house (house plants).

  • Cindy Lynch
    5 days ago

    You used regular little strip lights? I thought you had to have special "spectrum" lights for plant growth. I've checked on those in the past and they're very expensive. Looks like you just used walmart twinkle lights. Does it work?

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  • Crystal
    6 days ago

    Excellent! I need this in my life. I too live in an apartment. I have loads of natural light in my bedrooms and a sweet bay window to put them in, but I would like to use one of these for my initial stages of germination and seedling growth. Thank you much!

  • Vanessa C
    4 days ago

    I noticed the lights come on a spool. How did you get them all to lay flat to attach to the box top? Did you use just one or multiple strips?

    • Pamela Wood
      30 minutes ago

      If you can not find what C.J. has mentioned. if the single xmas lights (if there is enough light) or deck lights. just tape them to the top lid. they should not be getting wet. so the tape should hold just an other thought.

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