13 Sizzling Fire Bowl Projects You Can Try at Home

It’s easy to see why fire bowl projects are popular with people looking to create something special. Carrying out a DIY task of this type gives you a terrific decoration that is also useful for warming your home and adding light. Whether you want a small and classy tabletop fire bowl or something bigger, there are clever ideas that are very easy to bring to life. So which project will you choose to get you started, from this fascinating selection?

By Best Of Hometalk

Use Crushed Glass

This is one of the easiest yet most satisfying fire bowl ideas. Hometalker Chas’ Crazy Creations shows us a fantastic fire bowl that adds ambience and is incredibly

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diy glass fire bowl

Add a Design to Your Fire Bowl

Using transfer paper and paint, Hometalker Diane Forte Barfield added a neat design to her homemade fire bowl. She started with a simple terracotta bowl, which she

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diy fire bowl project

Use Hand Sanitizer

Is finding a safe and simple way to get a flame your main concern? The good news is that Hometalker Chas’ Crazy Creations shows this can be done with no hassle using hand

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indoor fire bowl project

Make a Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

Believe it or not, this wonderfully classy-looking fire bowl is made out of concrete. It is the brainchild of Hometalker Glen, who built it in a few easy steps that he

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s fire bowl projects, Make a Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

Warm up the Outdoors with a Fire Bowl

Indoor fire bowls are a brilliantly eye-catching addition to any room. In this project, however, Hometalker Mr ATC shows us how it can also be a charming addition

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outdoor fire bowl diy

Turn a Fire Pit Bowl into a Charming Fairy Land

This incredible project started out with an old fire pit bowl that was no longer needed. Hometalker Diana Stroud transformed it, turning it into a cute miniature fairy

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Fire Pit Bowl garden

Incredible Fire Fountains

Does the idea of combining a fire pit bowl with a fountain get you excited? That is the concept that inspired Hometalker Cepontzsons to come up with an outdoor design

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s fire bowl projects, Incredible Fire Fountains

Fire Pit Bowl to Fountain Conversion

You might once have liked the idea of a fire bowl, but in summer it just doesn't get used. Hometalker Karin W came up with an ingenious solution to convert hers into a

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fire bowl fountain diy

Add Flowers to an Old Fire Bowl

Here's another solution, if you have a cute fire bowl that you no longer use. Hometalker Duke Manor Farm reveals how adding flowers can make it look wonderful again with

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fire pit bowl garden diy

Combine Fire and Water

This is another example of how fire and water can be combined to produce a magnificent visual spectacle. The work was carried out by Hometalker BJL Aquascapes, who

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fire bowl water diy

Turn a Fire Bowl Table into a Fire Pit

This cool project involved turning a slate-tiled tabletop fire bowl into a lovely new fire pit. The work on this task was done by Hometalker Angela and can still be used

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Fire Bowl Table

Make a Big Fire Bowl for Outdoors

Do you want something bigger and more exciting than a small tabletop fire bowl? This idea from Hometalker Gina Kleinworth is for a big feature to be used outdoors, yet is

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outdoor fire bowl diy

Make a Cement Fire Bowl from Scratch

With this stylish example, we see how to create a cement fire bowl with black stones. Emily from the Hometalk Tutorial Team made this fine example using two bowls of

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DIY Cement Fire Bowl