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Asked 7 days ago

How do I clean these tiles?

TheaKathy Gunter LawDeanna


No amount of scrubbing seems to get rid of the tile cement on these mosaic tiles. The red ones are glass so I don’t want to use something that will scratch them.

q how do i clean these tiles
4 answers
  • Mad29883817
    7 days ago

    Try spraying with goo-gone and get razor blade to take off

  • Deanna
    7 days ago

    Go to the hardware store and see if they have grout haze remover.

    Also use one of those copper scrubby things it won't scratch.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    7 days ago

    Wipe with warm water and then use fine wire wool, rub gently over the dried grout. It will begin to dissolve and rub off. This is a labor intensive job. You might want to add white vinegar to help with this as well.

    Once the "chunks" are gone, you can clean the grout haze with white vinegar (1 part) warm water (4 parts) in a bucket. Scrubby sponge and start cleaning.

  • Thea
    7 days ago

    Thanks everyone. It seems its going to take elbow grease one way or another.

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