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Asked 3 days ago

What is the name of this plant?

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q what is the name of this plant

Not sure how to care for and propagate

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  • Kathy Gunter Law
    3 days ago

    It looks a little like creeping sedum. It's definitely some type of sedum, just not sure of the particular variety.

  • Judi1
    3 days ago

    It looks like a kalanchoe. Is this outdoors and what part of the country.

    • They are extremely easy to propagate. Any pieces that fall off, just place on top of cactus and succulent soil and it will root itself. You can pinch off a piece and use the same technique. You are in the perfect place for them too. I have hundreds of succulents, most of which, I have no clue on the exact name. They grow like weeds for me and I am inland in zone 9.

  • Betsy
    3 days ago

    Hi Susan: It's a type of succulent, but I'm not sure which one. Here is a link with a zillion pictures of what look like your plant. See if you can find it here: Good luck.

  • Marilyn Forbes
    3 days ago

    money plant

  • Pam Fuller
    2 days ago

    Succulents almost always take full sun and in the least requires a LOT of light. Some succulents may do better in late afternoon dappled or full shade. The very hot sun, late in the day, may not actually kill the succulent but it may not bloom.

    Regarding water, it does not need frequent watering. Many succulents are killed due to over wateting. The best way to tell is when the leaves become a 'squishy'.. the leaves should be turgid. Depending on the size and age of the plant, it may only require water anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks.

  • Lee munro
    30 minutes ago

    it is called ONKEY'S TAIL I have this plant

  • Lee munro
    29 minutes ago


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