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Asked on May 16, 2019

How do I repair a faux leather chaise tear?



Tear/hole present in buttox area on chaise seami.10” across. Sewing repair failed. Other ways to repair? We enjoy the comfort of this piece n are resistant to toss. Ty

q repair faux leather chaise tear

Tear is located in center segment of 3 segments. Exactly where the buttocks region joins the back support.

q repair faux leather chaise tear
5 answers
  • Bushra
    on May 16, 2019

    Buy a leather patch matching with it and sew over it. Or you can cover it with a pillow. Sewing direct would not work but patching would work. I would buy patch in sewing department and place over it to sew. I know it's hard to give up comfort Dawn.

    let me know once you fix it.

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  • Bushra
    on May 16, 2019

    You should patch a bit more then the segment so you can sew it better. It might not look pretty but will get the job done. If you don't care to match the color then you can buy a patch from Joann fabric the one for elbow patching. It would be really helpful. I have done it once. They last long. Let me know if you have any more questions please and good luck getting it done.


  • Bushra
    on May 16, 2019

    I don't why I can't see my answer I just posted for you. The long answer. Well just buy a little larger patch so you can have a better grip sewing. Joanne Fabric is the best place to buy patches.. buy the one goes over elbows. It's not that big so that would be perfect. Good luck

  • William
    on May 21, 2019

    Remove the stitching. Sew the seam together with nylon thread or fishing line. Then using a Q tip force/squeeze some E6000 glue into the sewn seam. Remove excess with nail polish remover.

  • Flipturn
    on May 22, 2019

    Hi Dawn,

    You are right that the exact spot where the seam has split open is where most of the weight is when a person is sitting down.

    My diagnosis as to why the tear in the seam occurred is:

    1.because there was insufficient width allowed in the seam allowance when the seam was sewn in the fist place

    2.the seam was not reinforced with a strip of stiff material

    3.the length of the top piece is too short to allow for movement when sitting

    From the picture, I can see that the stitches have almost completely pulled out and what seam allowance there was is now frayed and is disintegrating

    Due to the awkward angle and being that the rest of the cover is still enclosed, this is a difficult problem to repair.

    As you mentioned, an attempt to repair by sewing has already failed. Another attempt at just sewing is not going to be any more successful.

    Is there any way that the seat cushion can be removed (unscrewed maybe) from the frame? That way it would be easier to try to patch and to get the fabric tucked back into the crease.

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