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Asked on May 17, 2019

How to use cinder blocks in place of timbers in a terraced lawn?

BetsyDarlene WillimanZard Pocleeb


I have two levels in my back yard about a foot difference. Had timbers making a long planter the width of the lawn, to maintain the 2 tiers but are now rotting. How can I secure cinder blocks to accomplish this?

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  • Redcatcec
    on May 17, 2019

    Hi Brenda,

    You could secure the cinder blocks with rebar.

  • Zard Pocleeb
    on May 17, 2019

    You can also use concrete form stakes. They are a little more substantial than rebar but rebar should work well too. th come in different sizes and lengths and can be obtained from any home improvement center.

  • Darlene Williman
    on May 19, 2019

    I have used the cinder blocks for a raised flower bed and love it. However, I didn't think about reinforcing them so some of them are tilting and need to be redone. Wish I had thought of the rebar or knew about the form stakes. Love the garden otherwise.

  • Betsy
    on May 19, 2019

    Hi Brenda: I would suggest using rebar. It's a lot cheaper than the concrete form stakes. You would want them to go at least at a foot and a half into the ground and against the back inside of the block, not in the centre. This will help keep them from falling forward. Also, stagger the blocks so that they are not exactly one on top of the other, but like your roof shingles:) And, you might want to slant the blocks slightly backwards into the hill to keep them from falling forward:) Good luck

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