Asked on May 20, 2019

How can I redo this?

Robyn GarnerAnn EichenbergerJan Clark


I want to redo this cabinet maybe for a pantry or a closest/ dresser I’d like it to be distressed maybe grey and whatever other color would work and maybe a dog bed underneath something not to costly please help men it’s ugly and an eye sore right now TIA

q help me redo this
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  • Darlene Williman
    on May 20, 2019

    Shouldn't be hard to do. Clean the cabinet and sand the cabinets current paint to roughen the surface, that will help the new paint stick to it. Then choose your new paint color. You mention gray and that is fine as it is a neutral color that will go with most anything. I would prefer a light gray but that is me. Distressing - before you paint you could hit the cabinet with something lightly to cause dings and such then after you paint it you just lightly sand some of the edges and some of the surfaces on the new paint so that it looks worn.

    I can't see the bottom of the cabinet well but it looks like if you remove the bottom drawer you should be able to put a dogs bed right in it or maybe doors on it for further storage. The possibilities are awesome. Good Luck

  • Pamela
    on May 20, 2019

    Hi ! Nice cabinet !!! I would clean it well , and remove the wallpaper on the back. If it leaves glue behind where the wallpaper was , lightly sand it in that area , only ! Then I would use chalk paint on it , easy to use and distress. You have the option of keeping the back wall the same color of you can use a contrasting color. You can paint the whole thing with the contrasting color first , then paint it the color you want it to be ( except the back contrast area ) Then after the paint dries , lightly sand the cabinet and then you will see the contrast color show through . You can keep the glass , or take it out and replace it with chicken wire . I love the idea of a dog bed on the bottom ! Just a nice pillow or basket with a pillow . Also another thing you can do is use wallpaper on the back wall , they make removable wallpaper , so you can change it easily , if you want to re do it in the future. Check out sites like , , or . Please post your finished project !!!

    • Stacey Keeler
      on May 20, 2019

      Thank you so much for your suggestions and yes I’ll post pictures but it will be a little while I’m super busy and have a vacation coming up thanks again

  • Recreated Designs
    on May 20, 2019

    Hi Stacey. There are some great paints out there now that will stick to just about any surface and make your cabinet look brand new (or old if you'd like to distress it). Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Country Chic Paint, Miss Mustard Seed's Milk paint. All area great and can easily be distressed to give you an old feel. If you want to have an old distressed/farmhouse feel, keep it simple. One or two colours and distress the edges where it would have naturally been worn over time. If you would like to see projects done with these paints and tips for distressing etc... you can find them on the blog here. Have fun! It's a beautiful piece of furniture!!

  • Jan Clark
    on May 20, 2019

    Well, Sweetie, as you can tell, MEN don't do this sort of thing! (much belly laughing!) So, I'm only going to add to the wonderful advice the ladies have given, above. In choosing the color, it must blend in to the decor of the room, or not. If you go gray, then the shade should no pop out. If you go with a color, then you might want it to be an accent color of that room. The distressed suggestions above will give you a rough finish. Rough surfaces collect dust and are difficult to clean. Bear that in mind. A smooth finish will be much easier to clean (especially with a dog).

    If you're doing a storage closet, you might want to add some bins that will fit on the shelves to increase the storage space and keep things organized. If it's a pantry, remember to put a nice liner on the shelf to prevent scratching.

    If you're going to put the pet bed in the bottom drawer area, remove the slide hardware so nothing will catch on it. Oh, and change up the knobs on the doors if you can afford it. For added cuteness, you might want to stencil your pet's name above their cozy place. And yes, definitely have fun! This is a great piece to recycle.

  • Ann Eichenberger
    on May 20, 2019

    The above posters offer good advice. My thoughts: get ride of the contact paper and replace it with bead board. Also replace the boring hardware with something more eye catching. You could also paint the shelves in same colors like the other posters suggested For example if you paint the cabinet, a light grey with a pale blue undercoat. Then you could

    pick the pale blue on your shelves. I keep my shelves looking clear by applying clear contact paper over the shelf with enough length to roll under the edge of the shelf. Nobody knows the difference. Lovely price of furniture.

  • Robyn Garner
    on May 20, 2019

    All good ideas and advice! If you want to use chalk paint, you can easily mix your own using Plaster of Paris (craft stores or Home Depot), latex paint and water. Recipes are online.

    You really must decide where you want to use the cabinet before you do anything. Choose your color(s) based on the other decor of the room.

    Yes, remove the lower drawer hardware and wallpaper. I always use DIF wallpaper remover. Use a wallpaper scoring tool (cheap) and mix concentrate DIF with HOT water. Any remaining glue can easily be removed with DIF and a sponge. Rinse extremely well afterward with water.

    Personally, I would not "ding" this piece at all. I think that's much better on a tabletop. The easiest way for you to make other colors show under your top coat is to put some vaseline along some edges, etc. so the new paint doesn't stick there. Remember to clean extremely well before your seal coat.

    The pet bed is a good idea but only if you've got a small dog. The bed in the pic is way too large for the chest! You'll need to put a bottom piece on the chest for it to look finished. Make sure the front face matches the size of the other shelves.

    If you want to use it as a pantry, you'll need to make the shelves thicker and add support under each in the center. Realize how deep this is and put it in the kitchen to see if it actually fits. Or the dining room! Part of it could even hold a bar. Your choices are wide!

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