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When we built the mancave and craft studio in the basement, double door access was a must have so we could easily move my industrial equipment into the space. We used a sliding door kit elsewhere in the house and were so happy with the result that it was a no-brainer to install a similar system in our basement. This time, we chose to do pocket doors since we were dealing with new construction.


For a double access pocket door, you need two single frame kits. Hubs started with the wooden frame structure before adding the steel header and uprights from the kits.

double pocket doors

Once the framing is in place, the steel header can go in. It can be cut to size if necessary. Since we’re installing two doors, our header is extra wide to accommodate two 24″ doors. Joiner kits are available for even wider expanses.

Both the header and steel uprights are secured on brackets. The uprights are plumbed and fastened to the top of the header track. Here you can see where the door will eventually slide right in between the vertical uprights.

double pocket doors

Testing it Out

Just for fun, Hubs installed the door hangers to test out the track with an old door, which we eventually upcycled and turned into a desktop for my craft studio. Waste not want not!

double pocket doors

Before closing it all in, Hubs insulated between the two rooms to help a bit with sound transfer between the common wall of his mancave and my craft studio.

double pocket doors

We had fun with the temporary door, but found a brand new pair of 24″ doors online or only $15 each; you can’t beat that!

Before painting the doors, we hung them so we could eyeball where to place the door pulls. It’s so much easier to visualize exactly where the pulls look good when they’re vertical. We left the plastic on the door so we could mark right on it!

double pocket doors

Before You Paint

Double doors take up a lot of surface area so we painted an extra large swatch of the colour to help us decide if it was the right colour for the space. The paint got the thumbs up from both of us! More info about the paint we used and exact colour is on our blog (link at the end of this post).

double pocket doors

Measure Twice, Rout Once!

Once everything was decided, Hubs could rout out for the door pulls and cut a channel in the bottom of the door for the aluminum channel. 

The top plate assembly shown below goes on, positioned at the top of the door equally in from the edge of each side.

double pocket doors

Hubs positioned the bottom guide and screwed it in just inside either end of the pocket.

double pocket doors

The door is lifted into place and Hubs secures the brackets.

double pocket doors

But when we stepped back, we could see our doors were out of alignment. Not a problem! You can easily make height adjustments if necessary with a wrench (as shown on the video).

double pocket doors

And Now the Fun Part!

At the entry into my craft studio (on the mancave side), Hubs and I combined personal pieces to create this vignette. The black and white photography is a picture of a car I took and then submitted to Jones Soda. They liked it so much, they actually featured it on one of their soda bottles! Hubs scoured the city to find the 3 bottles with my car picture on it shown here. The shelf they rest on was pretty easy to build (you'll find the DIY on our blog).

double pocket doors

A Final Surprise

I wasn’t around for the last step which was to hide the track with a custom header. Hubs' finishing touch was a wonderful surprise for me! He made a header with a chalk board face so he could create a custom sign over the entry to my studio.

double pocket doors

Notwithstanding the sign's form and function in hiding the header, I didn’t know Hubs had it in him to write legibly!! I can actually read what it says! Can you imagine anything better to cap off the entry to my craft studio?

On the other side of the pocket doors, in the craft studio, we hung a North Street sign we found on one of our antiquing ventures; it actually DOES face north!

double pocket doors

If you’re curious to see where else we installed sliding doors in our house, head to our blog (link where you see our logo right under this post). That's where you'll also find a more detailed explanation and additional pictures of the install.

This won’t be the last time we install pocket doors so stay tuned. If you don't want to miss it, get your DIY mojo on at Birdz of a Feather and subscribe to us here

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Our double pocket doors turned out better than I ever imagined. It may seem complicated, but thanks to quality hardware, it was a pretty straightforward DIY. We really believe that paying a little extra always pays off in the end (unfortunately I can't remember the final cost)!

The door kits we used were from K.N. Crowder (no affiliation, we just love the quality and ease of install so much!) K.N. Crowder has an entire photo gallery full of residential and commercial inspiration so go check them out :)

Suggested materials:

  • Pocket Door Kits  (K.N. Crowder (
  • Doors  (Found online)

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