How To Stencil a Weeping Cherry Accent Wall

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n this video, Cutting Edge Stencils is going to teach you how to stencil gorgeous hanging layers of cherry blossom branches in your own home! Get under the blossoming cherry with this beautiful, nature-inspired stencil “Weeping Cherry“! Elegant weeping cherry branches create a feeling of spring. Overlap them for mass effect creating a continuous border around the room, or just make an accent wall with this versatile stencil.

Since it’s a reusable sturdy stencil, and not a vinyl wall decal, you can reuse it many, many times and create your own cool paint color combos! If you love the look of trendy vinyl wall decals but dislike the idea of putting tacky stickers on your walls, these silhouette wall art stencils are just what you’ve been looking for. Not only are they re-usable, but they give you the flexibility of using any color you want. You’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve created your own hand-painted sophisticated wall art instead of just applying a vinyl sticker. Let’s get stenciling!

Use blue painters tape to tape off your crown molding or the top of your ceiling. Apply spray adhesive to the back of your stencil to reduce your chances of bleed.

Position your stencil so the branches reach the top of your wall. Fill in the branches first with Raw Umber acrylic paint. Where the stencil meets the top of your wall, pounce the brush at the corner for crisp lines.

For the cherry blossom flower petals we will be using My Studio’s Bright Magenta and Folkart’s Pink acrylic paint. Take a half inch  and dip the tip into your paint. Swirl around your plate and really work the paint into your bristles. You want very little paint on your brush. So, if there is any excess paint, offload it onto a paper towel.

Then tale your Pink Acryclic paint and fill in the entire petal. When you finish filling in all the petals, take the Bright Magenta and dry brush the beginning of the flower petal.

We are going to be stenciling shadows for the weeping cherry stencil in the open available space. To create the shadow effect, we will be using FolkArt’s clear glazing medium. Glazing medium is a special gel formula that when mixed with acrylic paint can make it look more translucent. To do that, you will combine three parts clear glazing medium and one part acrylic paint. Then fill in any empty space you want with the shadowing painting technique.

You can customize and extend branches by taking a part of a previously painted branch and adding only one branch from the entire stencil to it. 

You can customize and extend branches by taking a part of a previously painted branch and adding only one branch from the entire stencil to it. 

Remove the blue painter’s paint from your crown molding to reveal your gorgeous masterpiece.

Suggested materials:

  • Weeping Cherry Wall Stencil  (
  • Stencil Supplies  (

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  • Lisa West
    on Oct 20, 2019

    Fantabulous. Did you use any of the greens for shading as well as any browns? Looks great.

    • Cutting Edge Stencils
      on Nov 8, 2019

      We just decided to use the browns for this specific wall, but the green shading also sounds like a really cool idea!

  • Dawn
    on Nov 8, 2019

    Your wall turned out so beautiful!

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