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Asked 7 days ago

How to install bamboo hardwood flooring?

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I purchased bamboo flooring at lumber liquidators and was just informed you can't nail this flooring into underlayment that isn't plywood. Please advise.

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  • Leslie
    7 days ago

    I have a 3 bedroom condo in Florida and the flooring is cement with bamboo over it since 2010. Cannot nail. It just has the dampening paper underneath and the flooring is interlocked and lays on top. No problems at all. Unless it is tiling, flooring is not secured in Fl I was told because of the heat and humidity. I am not there all the time so this made sense to me. You do not need to nail it down. To make the edges look finished you can add some moulding. Lumber Liquidators was correct in what they told you, and they also will give you tips on how to lay the flooring if you are DIY. They do this as a profession. I read somewhere a while back that this flooring was developed overseas and when people moved they took the flooring with them to reuse if they wanted to. :) Good luck.

  • Leslie
    7 days ago

    P.S. I forgot to add if you are new to laying flooring to Google the process. it isn't that hard. Measure twice cut once :)

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    7 days ago

    You didn't mention what type of sub flooring you have. It can be OSB, plywood, or pressed wood. That is true with any wood flooring. If you will edit your post to include the type of sub flooring you have, maybe even add photos, you can get much more specific advice.

  • Tina Miller
    6 days ago

    The existing sub floor is pressed wood. Talked to several floor installers today and said the nails will back out since the pressed wood is glue and fibers put together. They said plywood is a must to hold the nails. I have another guy coming tomorrow to look at it.

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