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Asked 7 days ago

How do y’all keep flies out of the house?

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It’s spring & we love having windows & doors open, but hate the flies!! How do y’all keep them out? I know the obvious answer is close everything but we like the spring weather.

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  • Kathy Gunter Law
    7 days ago

    Screens are the secret to keeping them out.

  • Nancy Turner
    7 days ago

    I agree with Kathy, your screens are the answer to keeping flies out. They will get into the house when you open and close the door, but that is unavoidable. Get one of those hand help zappers that run on batteries to help get rid of the few that come in the door. If you get a lot of flies, a fly strip may be ugly, but they really do work!

  • Em
    6 days ago

    Screens can be half of the window or all of the window. Most stores, Home Depot, Walmart carry screens that fit any window. Put in place and slide out to touch each side. Close window on them to hold in place.

  • Cheryl Gibbs
    3 days ago

    Learned this from take ziplock baggie; fill 1/3 with water and add copper penny. Seal and hang above door/window. (I'm not loony-I've seen this work!!!!!)

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