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Asked 7 days ago

How do I remodel a kitchen?

Kelli L. MilliganWilliam


what comes first, second etc....floor last? cabinets first? appliances first? can someone help? thanks!!!

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  • William
    7 days ago

    Upper cabinets first (you don't want to be leaning over base cabinets), then base cabinets, countertop next. Flooring always goes in last. Don't want to damage flooring during remodel. Even covering flooring up a grain of dirt can scratch it up. Also flooring does not go under base cabinets. Why pay for extra flooring that will be covered and not seen. Then the appliances.

  • Kelli L. Milligan
    7 days ago

    Come up with layout and drawings. Before you order your cabinets,get your appliances,on order to ensure your openings are correct. Do electric, plumbing and gas line if needed. Think about lighting as part of this. Select counters, flooring backsplash. Repair all drywall, prime walls paint ceiling. Install flooring before cabinets so you can either run under cabinets or at least build up to finish height. Install cabinets. Have countertop templates made and order counters. Install appliances. Paint or wallpaper walls. Install counters and backsplash. Seal tile. Enjoy new kitchen. Have fun. Strongly recommend using a kitchen designer. A kichen remodel is your most exspensive update you may do and doing it right is worth it.

    • Kelli L. Milligan
      6 days ago

      I agree to a point, we usually build up with plywood. Flooring is an either or for me, just depends on type of floor. Ceramic I like to put in first and unfinished floor, cork and prefinished floor after cabinets. Depends on floor and job for me.

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