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Asked 6 days ago

Can I paint a vinyl backsplash?

KateV SmithJudyH


I have an older trailer. I'm updating kitchen. The backsplash is vinyl wallpaper. Can I paint it? Thinking of using high gloss mould resistant paint. Dont know what else I can do. Cant remove it without damaging. Afraid of any heavy products too. Any ideas?

5 answers
  • William
    6 days ago

    Clean it well. Prime with Kilz primer then paint. Being primed any paint will work.

  • Becky
    6 days ago

    Yes as long as it secure to the wsll.

  • JudyH
    6 days ago

    Do yourself a big favor and don't paint over wallpaper.

  • V Smith
    6 days ago

    Make sure that you prime with a primer rated for vinyl. You might also like the stick-on vinyl backsplash, it has the look of glass tiles.

  • Kate
    6 days ago

    Thanks. I've used peel and stick before. Because its a seasonal trailer with winters pretty cold, I didnt think that would stay on very long. Will try painting first. Thanks again.

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