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How to pack well when moving homes?

Lynette MorrisonCynthia HDfm


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  • I would purchase some boxes at a hardware store or office store and organize and label them by room. We've always hired someone to move the big pieces (furniture).

  • Dfm
    6 days ago

    you need to keep the kitchen items and food stuff out of the general boxing up some moving companies may not insure your load if you pack the truck your self. Check on that. You can rent trucks ie you haul, but the truck has to be cleaned by you...if not they might charge extra charge. Breakables need bubble wrap, sturdy cardboard boxes work. Label every thing. Top and sides, When packing clothes..roll them, don’t fold. It saves on space. If the moving company is you and a car, some items can be mailed to your house.

  • Cynthia H
    6 days ago

    I also purge unused, unwanted, broken and worn out items so I don't move my clutter to my new home.

  • Lynette Morrison
    6 days ago

    Thank you.

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