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Asked 6 days ago

How do I clean vines off vinyl siding?

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We had vines growing all over a wall of our house. I can rip the dead vines off but they leave little round dots where they attached. Looks like little suction cups. I can't seem to get them off with scrub sponge. Any suggestions? Thank you - Father's Day is coming up and I hope to have it done by then :).

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  • Tinyshoes
    6 days ago

    Vicki...I despise those little things too. I might try Krud Kutter from Lowe's...we use with our pressure washer and it works really well. Good luck

  • JudyH
    6 days ago

    Try spraying with 90% rubbing alcohol full strength, leave it to dry, then use a wire grill brush to dislodge them. The suckers are intended in the brick mortar. That's why they are so hard to remove. Left alone, ivy or vines can destroy the entire structure over time. Same goes for vines growing on trees.

  • Darlene Williman
    6 days ago

    Be careful using a wire brush on vinyl siding.

  • Be careful too with a pressure washer as you can damage the vinyl and also shoot water into the seams. Maybe consult with your local garden center.

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