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Asked on Jun 7, 2019

What do I need and where can I buy a part for solar lantern?

DebkerCheryl AWilliam


I Purchased an outdoor lantern from a closeout store. There is no brand anywhere to be found. It is missing the entire top where the solar panel goes. Ip appears to have everything else including the actual light which is inside a removeable candle shape that is in the bottom of the lantern. It even has the wire coming from the light at the bottom going to the top with a male conector that I assume is supposed to plug into the solar panel. If I can at least get a solar panel I am sure that I can figure a way to attach it to the top. Please tell me what I need to buy to get it going. The lantern is 9 and 1/8" square with the center opening of 7 and 3/8" square. I have attached photos so you can see what type connecter it has.

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q and wjere can i buy a part for solar lantern
q and wjere can i buy a part for solar lantern
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