Asked on Jun 16, 2019

How do I take an existing fountain and turn it into something else?

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  • Judy
    on Jun 17, 2019

    I turned mine into a planter. I ran water drip line tubing through the bottom for each section, then laid the tubing into each section with a few small holes to water the plants. I placed my fountain close to a sprinkler head, changed it out o accommodate the three drip tubing. Then the sprinkler head is on the schedule, so I don't need to hand water. I also hand painted the fountain to add a fun flair. I'm still experimenting with the flowers, to see which ones hold up for the seasons. Note; the photo might be cut off, but you'll get the idea of it. Good Luck.

  • Simple Nature Decor
    on Jun 17, 2019

    You can turn it into a garden container.

  • Virgil
    on Jun 17, 2019

    Outside window canopy for shade

    Against Stucco

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