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Asked on Jun 18, 2019

How can I clean a boys' bathroom that always smells of urine?

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I have little boys it missed the toilet I have used everything and it still smells like pee any ideas?

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  • Leah
    on Jun 18, 2019

    Clorox has a product for urine.

  • Nancy Turner
    on Jun 18, 2019

    You can use the products for pet urine odors and try that. You could also saturate the areas around the toilet with vinegar, full strength and let it dry naturally. If you have time, it could have soaked into the grout, or even around the base of the toilet. I have had good luck with vinegar with cat pee odor in carpet. It may need more than one application if you still missed some spots, give it the sniff test once the vinegar has dried and lost the vinegar smell. It is easy to miss spots. I have grandkids and men that aren't always good at aiming, every time I clean the bathroom I spritz vinegar liberally on and around the toilet to make sure it is clean (good disinfectant) and stays odor free.

  • Gwen Gregory
    on Jun 18, 2019

    I have a steam cleaner machine (Amazon- mine is blue) that shoots out a jet of hot steam. It gets the pee out from under the toilet between the floor and toilet. Then I use it under the toilet hinges. Afterwards (I have tile floors) I used a bathroom cleaner with bleach on the grout. I also wipe every surface 3ft up from the floor with a mild solution of the bleach bathroom cleaner on a wet rag. Finally! After all that... no more pee smell.

  • Kmdreamer
    on Jun 20, 2019

    Soak with a cloth in Clorox cleanup and place on the floor we’re it smells leave over night in the morning wipe up

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