Asked on Jun 18, 2019

How do I make my house look less orange?



i can't afford to paint the whole thing, but I can paint the front door and garage. Any ideas on a color that will make the house look less orangey? Thanks!

q how do i make my house look less orange
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  • Judy
    on Jun 18, 2019

    I don't see orangey in the colour of siding you have. I think some of these colours would compliment the colour you already have. Powerwashing the siding and the white brick first. Then painting the garage doors & front door the same colour. Some suggested colours attached. I like all white, beige, rust, or the teal. Painting the white concrete wall white as well. If you paint the railing white it may not stand out as much as the black does. Perhaps take the railing out completely would widen the look of the entrance at the front of the house. You can also take this picture to a paint store to see what they suggest. A paint to match the white bricks would also be great and make the house look larger on the bottom half.

  • Joy30150932
    on Jun 18, 2019

    I think a nice dark contrasting rich brown would change the whole look. With the light colored front door and the garage trim being white it brings out the color of the siding so reverse the color and go darker. Head to your local paint store and pick up some color chips to see if you can get a color you like.

  • William
    on Jun 18, 2019

    The siding color tends to waver on the orange side depending on the light hitting it.

    Garage door

    Entry door

  • Rymea
    on Jun 19, 2019

    I don't see the orange in the house color but I'll take your word for it. So the complement of orange is blue. That means when blue and orange are placed next to each other they make each other look more vibrant. Reds and yellows will tone down orange because by comparison it will look duller. So besides painting the doors you could plant reds, yellows and purple flowers. Something trailing over the driveway wall would look really good or you could plant hedge type bushes along the wall.

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