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Asked on Jun 19, 2019

How do I clean a washing machine?

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How can I clean my washing machine

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  • Hi Trish - This is a great step-by step article on how to clean your washing machine and get the stinky smells out - regardless of whether it's HE, top or front loading. Hope this helps and happy laundry day! Hugs, Holly

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  • Cher @ Designs By Studio C
    on Jun 26, 2019

    Hi, Trish!

    There are tablets that can be added to the tub and the washer is run on an "empty" or Tub Clean cycle. They can be found here: These work really well and I use them regularly in my HE washer. I hope this helps!

  • Dan
    on Jul 3, 2019


    1. Fill the washer using the highest load size, hottest water setting, and longest wash.

    2. Open the lid and as the washer tub fills, add a quart of white vinegar (or bleach).

    I prefer vinegar, as it will disinfect the washer without the toxins in bleach.

    3. Next, add a cup of baking soda.

    Close the lid and allow the washer to agitate for about a minute. Open the lid again and allow the water, vinegar, and baking soda to soak in the washer tub for an hour.

    4. Meanwhile, remove any parts you can and soak them and clean nooks and crannies under the lid.

    Soak and scrub removable parts like the bleach and fabric softener wells. Dry them thoroughly and replace. Using a toothbrush, clean the upper portion of the agitator and hard-to-reach areas under the lid and around the rim of the tub. You can also use this time to clean the front and sides of the machine, but don't close the lid yet!

    5. After an hour, close the lid and allow the cycle to complete.

    During this time, you can clean the top of the washing machine, the dials, and console with vinegar solution.

    6. Repeat.

    Run one more hot wash with a quart of vinegar in it to clean away any residue loosened and left behind by the first cycle.

    7. Once the washer has drained, wipe the sides and bottom of the tub with vinegar solution to remove any last residue.

    You can prolong the cleanliness of a fresh washing machine by leaving the lid open between uses. This allows the interior to dry out thoroughly and prevents mildew.

    I hope that it will be helpful in cleaning your front loading and top loading washing machine.

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