Asked on Jun 19, 2019

How to remove mold in bathroom?

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  • Unique Creations By Anita
    on Jun 19, 2019

    I use Domestos and pour it on and let it sit for awhile. Then using a scouring pad wipe it all of and rinse the bleach away.

  • K. Rupp
    on Jun 19, 2019

    Try mold armor products. Ventilate!! It is sold at Home Depot and Lowes

  • Pam Walker
    on Jun 19, 2019

    Gloves, Bleach & a Black Grill Brush (with a handle). Pour the bleach onto the mold. If it's on the wall, a spray bottle will work. Leave it for a while & with the brush, scrub it to loosen it. Use paper towels to clean it up. Repeat if necessary. When done, soak the surface with Pinesol or any disinfectant liquid that smells good. If you want, go to Lowe's & get some Kilz. It comes in primer & paint made especially for bathrooms & kitchens where there's a higher humidity rate. It will prevent future mold problems. We use it in our bathroom.

  • Hi Yansita - There are several ways to get rid of mold, but most importantly, you need to address the root cause to keep it from returning. This article focuses on the bathroom, but is an overall great article that covers methods of how to remove mold, if bleach is safe to use, and how to prevent it from coming back. Hope this helps! Hugs, Holly

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