Asked on Jun 20, 2019

How often am I supposed to give my ac a tune up?

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how often am I suppost to give my ac a tune up just got a bill for $490.00 // I do have a pool but that to much

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  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    on Jun 20, 2019

    I know some simple maintenance can make an ac unit more efficient. Here are some tips on ways to take care of your ac unit:

  • How often are you billed? Is this your ELECTRIC bill?

    My HVAC system gets a check up spring and fall. Before a.c. season and before heating season. I think I pay about $120 or each visit. And they check everything and provide you with a copy for your records.

    When was your last ac service?

    Pool is a separate system and has nothing to do with the a.c.

    My utilities are all separate: electric; gas; water; refuse service; cable, etc.

  • Sharon
    on Jun 21, 2019

    In addition to Holly's advice, I would look for ways to keep electric use down..... might put the pool filter on a solar panel, or put an installed insulated cover on top when not in use. As for the house, you might put solar shades/or film on the windows to reflect heat out, or just hang curtains and close them during the peak hours of heat. There are so many ways to reduce usage.

  • Nancy Turner
    Nancy Turner
    on Jun 21, 2019

    Once a year in the spring before you start using it should be enough. If it is an older a/c unit it will not be energy efficient like most of the new ones. If you turn the temp up a few degrees, it should make some difference. Make sure your windows are not leaking in hot air. same with doors. We keep ours set to the upper seventies unless it is really humid and don't see a huge electric bill, even though the unit is an older model.

  • Lynn Sorrell
    Lynn Sorrell
    on Jun 21, 2019

    my Ac gets tune up/reg. maint. in spring and furnace in fall; need to weather proof windows and doors,change filters monthly,turn off all electrical stuff you aren't using. need to check in your area about rate hikes; use lower wattage bulbs & don't have them always on like smart settings always on like with motion sensors, with so many electronics in homes so many little things they really add up. the meter is always running. SO so many ways to reduce usage;cleaning fridge back ,fan and coils,unplug all the kitchen counter appliances unless you use them,anything thats lit up or has running clock on it is using electricity.

  • William
    on Jun 21, 2019

    Check if your electric comp[any provides a free energy audit. They can evaluate your home usage and what you can do to save money and lower your electric bill. Too many factors that can make your bill higher. It's not just the AC unit. It's the age of the unit. The size of the unit. It's everything that uses electricity, age and size of home. Heat loss and heat gain of the home. Insulation, doors, windows. Also outside temperature.

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