Asked on Jun 21, 2019

How to unclog a toilet?

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  • Pour about a half cup of dish soap in the toilet and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Pour hot, not boiling water into the toilet and the clog should break.

  • Hi Frances, you can use a plunger, if that doesn't work or you don't have one you could try this:

  • Lindsay Aratari
    on Jun 21, 2019

    You could use a plunger along with some Draino.

  • Caroline Gerardo
    on Jun 25, 2019

    The bowl cannot be more than 40% full. Remove paper or solids (yuck). Go wash your hands. With a large rubber stopper make a seal and force three pumps of air down. Does it sigh? Boil 4 (simmer is good not rolling burning) cups of water. Bring the pot of hot water to the bathroom.

    Pour into the bowl - repeat the forceful 3 or 4 pumps. Allow to sit if has not cleared and hot water should slowly drain. Repeat the hot water. Draino is really bad for your pipes and bad for our environment. If that doesn't work put a cup of baking soda in there, 2 cups of super hot water and 2 cups cheap white vinegar and plunge

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