Asked on Jun 21, 2019

How can I make my pink dogwood bloom again?

SharonNancy WeinbergDeanna Nassar


this year my pink dogwood tree had only 2 blossoms that were weirdly shaped. The branches are bare except for leaves at the end. There is some green lichen on some branches. What is wrong and what can I do to make it health?

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  • Deanna Nassar
    on Jun 22, 2019

    This might be a good place to start. I lost 3 in two years to some kind of bug...maybe termites.

  • Nancy Weinberg
    on Jun 22, 2019

    Is your tree in full sun? Dogwood trees like full sun no shade. lichen grow in wooded areas. It sounds like your tree is almost dead with no leaves. I would try again in a sunny spot with good drainage and a new tree. Don't cover the base of the tree when you plant it.

  • Sharon
    on Jun 22, 2019

    I live in Oregon and had a tree in the yard that always had a few leaves and lots of lichen on it, so I removed as much lichen as I could for a couple years, and then we had a winter with the most rain we every had..... and it bloomed ... it was a dogwood. I was so surprised cause I always loved dogwoods back east. So for the years we had lots o f rain it blooms, so now I water it.

    • Nancy
      on Jun 22, 2019

      I live in Oregon, too. We had so much rain if that was the problem, it would have been a great bloomer. Lichen of various kinds are on particular plants, not all. So maybe, as you say, it needs more water in the summer.

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