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Asked on Jun 22, 2019

How can I kill off spiders without poisoning my monarch babies?

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I have patio cement only and use cinder blocks for potted plants. I love and have monarch babies and I feel spiders are killing them when they get so big.How can I kill off spiders some black widows without poisoning my monarch babies. Driving me nuts. I have had total of 11 babies and only one that I can see is in her crystalis due to open in about 2 days. I already found a black widow under one of my caterpillars that was looking to ready herself for her crystalis and of course she was dead. Spider was fine. Thanks for any help.

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  • Mary Smith
    on Jun 22, 2019

    You might move your plants to a shadier area. You can also bring some of them into the house. Feed the caterpillars leaves.

  • Penne Johnson
    on Jun 22, 2019

    My milkweed is one that grew wild and they seem to like it better than the newer one altho I saw two babies on it today. The monarch evidently hatched from this plant last year and they say they always come back to where they hatched. I didn't know the milkweed would grow in the shade, but if I can save

    some babies I'll see about moving it to a table that I have in the shade however

    don't know where they would be able to crawl as they are on the go all the time. LOL. I also have a fennel plant I just bought on this table hoping to get

    some swallow tails as they are in my area. I don't have an area to bring them

    inside. Thanks for your help. I guess I'll have to wait until next season to move

    this one milkweed as it is in a huge pot that there is no way I could move. Hoping to get at least one monarch out of all of the caterpillars I have had, but so far can't find their crystalis anywhere and I have lots of green plants so they hide for sure. jUst keep hoping. Thanks again

  • Sharon
    on Jun 22, 2019

    Milkweed is the number one plant for Monarch butterflies, Once they enter their crystallis, you can clip it off and put it in a shoe box until they emerge, then put them outside..... this used to be my project every summer as a kid. '

    Also black widows usually hang out in dark, areas near the ground, behind vines or objects. So put your milkweed up higher and maybe an area that gets more sun.

  • Penne Johnson
    on Jun 22, 2019

    Thanks so much. I have heard you can gently remove them when they are in the crystallis stage, Hope I wouldn't hurt them. Problem is I know I had 2 who

    had to be ready for this stage as they were quite large, and the one I did see

    was accidental as she hung herself just under the edge of my brick wall top brick. Because I saw her in her j shape I knew what she was going to do. So far she hasn't emerged but should be anytime now. The other two I have not been able to find. I've had a total of 13 babies and yesterday found 3 of them that had died. Am sure the black widow or ?other spiders got them. Actually saw a black widow going after a caterpillar who had just hung herself and I was

    devastated. The area I have is sunny and my concern is putting them on a table away from this brick wall, Where can they go and not fall off the table. They like to roam. LOL Thanks for your time. I will try this Also this black widow came from a crack under the very top of the wall. It scurried back in before I could kill it. Thanks so much

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