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Asked on Jun 22, 2019

How do I fill an irregular hole in solid wood door?

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Hi everyone,I’m house sitting for my parents and wanted to surprise them by fixing some things around their house while they were away. One thing was replacing an old rusty and tight handleset on their front door. When I removed the handle I noticed it was sitting in an irregular shaped hole that looks hand carved out. I am fairly novice and only have simple tools. Can I fill it? What do you recommend? I’m trying to avoid spending a lot of money on a new wood door if possible. Thanks!

q fill an irregular hole in solid wood door
q fill an irregular hole in solid wood door
5 answers
  • Emily
    on Jun 22, 2019

    This may not be the answer you want Daniel, but I would not want anyone to make a permanent change in my house, even as simple as a new doorknob without my permission.

    • Daniel Leisner
      on Jun 22, 2019

      I let them know about the new handleset after I encountered this issue. They were very happy to get a new set. I matched the color and style to their other newer hardware.

  • Ellis
    on Jun 23, 2019

    I would check with the lockset manufacturer, and with a good hardware store (maybe even online) and see if there is a cover plate, you can use under the handle set. I know in baths/showers, when the new faucets don't match the notched-out tile, that plumbers use "cheater" plates which cover the entire area, concealing the hole in the wall. Maybe someone makes something like that for entry doors.

  • Andrew Bounader
    on Jun 23, 2019


    A couple of great ideas there, you could use a cardboard or paper template and cut wood to fit the hole then fill it with wood filler or epoxy and sand then paint to match, if you just use filler it may eventually crack and fall out, the escutcheon cover plate out of a thin metal may be the quickest, smartest solution.

  • Dee
    on Jun 23, 2019

    Some locks you can put a back plate on it. I believe Home Depot sells them. Or you can get some white Elmers wood putty or Bondo. You can get Bondo at an auto store. Both will harden very well. Over fill the hole then let dry and sand down and repaint.

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