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Asked on Jun 24, 2019

How to repair damage from a shower leak?

Donna Lee Scott ThomasNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CA


Inside shower wall leak must tear out tile as no access, replace tile, then tear out subfloor got water damage[foundation is fine and dry built on Girders] resubfloor and wish to put down same type of tile. Tub is anchored not moving, as well as toilet and wall to wall vanity ( very expensive.). Contractors all want to tear out everything do mold inspection $$$$$ Also had ongoing ceiling issue but am repairing roof... a portion of ceiling in same bathroom got saturated with last rain so need to cut out and replace. Contractors want $$$$$$$ Just crazy...also eventually need to update panel but for now just want to use low wattage lighting and get by ... Applied for home equity loan and do not wish to Easter money What are the suggestions and at alot of diy and very economical. Still putting kids through college. Thank you Eliza

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  • This is no time to skimp, I am afraid. Dealing with potential mold is no laughing matter. The health risks alone are detrimental. Unless the roof was repaired to code, there is no point on repairing the ceiling in any affected room(s). If there is mold, you will need a licensed mold remediation company. Considered hazardous waste and regulated by the EPA. The reason the contractors want big bucks is due to the potential mold, extra time and procedures, plus they don't want to get sued down the line and required to follow rules and building code. Check with your homeowners insurance carrier and see if any is covered, which would help you out quit a bit. I get you are still putting kids through school. May have to be done piecemeal as budget allows if not covered by insurance. DIY what you can within your skill set, bt if you are not familiar with building code and basic construction, you could do more damage which will cost more to repair in the long run.

  • OMG, I’ve been suffering through shower leak repairs for almost two months! I feel your pain!

  • Our insurance covered ceiling, wall, and floor repairs needed after the major leak. However, while the ceiling was open, we learned of a second leak in the other bathroom. We opted not to report that one—well, hubby did—so we’ve been juggling two contractors and playing musical bathrooms for a couple months. Going crazy!

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