How to water a community garden?


There is no plumbing I the area where we would like to put in a community garden, but without water, we're kind of stuck. Any suggestions?

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  • My first thought is to collect rainwater or fill large containers that can be brought to the garden.

  • Dfm Dfm on Jun 27, 2019

    50 gallon plastic barrel will catch a lot of rain. you can add a tap to the barrel to connect a hose. cover the top of the barrel a tight screen material.

  • Em Em on Jun 27, 2019

    Totally agree with Ann. Make sure you don't leave the water sit too long as it is a breeding ground for mosquitos. They make things called mosquito dunks you put in the water to prevent them from hatching. Have everyone bring gallon milk jugs filled with water each week. A lot more work but... it works. Large plastic containers used for storage will hold water. Have a schedule for those to bring water say two days a week for each person.

    • Gloria Gloria on Jun 27, 2019

      I do have dunks for my birdbath, and I will bring up the subject of the rain barrel to my community folks.

  • Amanda Amanda on Jun 27, 2019

    Hi Gloria. You can either fill jugs up with water and take it to the gardens, or get a rain barrel. My grandmother had a community garden and she took jugs of water.

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