With what should I stuff grain sack pillow cushions?


My grain sack pillows are filled with foam blocks cut to size but this created a problem to make them sit on their edges in my window seat. What should I stuff them with?

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  • Betsy Betsy on Jun 30, 2019

    If you want them to sit straight or flat, foam is just about your only solution, unless you want to wrap the entire thing with batting, foam and all. If you don't mind them being a bit fluffy, you can use batting or filling and stuff them pretty firmly, or use old pillow stuffing. Are the ends of the casing flat or squared off? If not, that might be the problem. Good luck

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jun 30, 2019

    Not sure what you mean by problem they aren't comfy? over stuff with shredded foam then wrapped with batting inside a ticking case then place grain sack over the case; Are you trying to get them to sit up straight across back of window seat?Are they are sitting up to straight? cut the one edge down on the foam blocks( just a little) so they sit at an angle--Too high in front to sit on top of do the same cut block at slight angle; they are hanging out of the grain sack? need inside cover usually made of ticking ......perhaps a picture of it all would help figure out your exact problem? solution

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jul 01, 2019

    If the edge is bothering you, you could cut the edge, or my choice would be to add padding. Batting would give you a softer edge.

  • Emily Emily on Jul 01, 2019

    Are you talking about seating or backing for the window seat? I have made a ton of pillows in my life and could help you but not sure what you want help on. If you are using foam it should be cut slightly larger than the finished dimension of the seat cushion(s) there should be welting around the edges of the seat cushion and back cushion too. See the seating to the right in pic? The cushion has welting. These cushions were professionally made, so I'm not sure what the contents of cushion is. But if it is simply foam the foam would be cut slightly larger than the measurement of cover, so the cover is taut. On my settee the back pillows and the loose pillows all have welting and all stay in place.

  • Dmholt4391 Dmholt4391 on Jul 11, 2019

    You could just stuff them with polyester stuffing.