Asked on Jul 2, 2019

How can I make over a chandelier?

BetsyMeganK. Rupp


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  • Rhonda metsker
    on Jul 8, 2019

    Spray paint it and glue on oyster shells or beads or whatever. I live at the beach, hence, oyster shells

  • Johnavallance82
    on Jul 8, 2019

    Hello there,

    Make it over to what? Do you have any pictures you can up load?

  • K. Rupp
    on Jul 8, 2019

    PAINTING the metal will really give it an update. Depending on the finish of the metal think about what it might look like if you were to spray paint the core of the chandelier. Look at all the pretty metallic finishes by rustoleum. If it is fake brass, go silver or antiqued bronze. Or even chalk paint. If it has crystals, think about reducing the number of crystals on it or painting some of the glass crystals with a glass paint. Or take off the crystals completely and replace with beads or wooden beads. Look at what type of chandeliers you like and see what you can do to mimic the look. Make sure it is cheaper glass or plastic before you do this. I would not take a REAL BRASS or REAL SILVER chandelier and paint that. NOR would I take real crystals and paint them. ha. You don't want to completely de-value something if it is worth a lot of money of course. So... know what you are working with first! AND....if you are unsure whether a metal is real brass, look at this:

    Is it real brass?

    If they are brass and look like real brass chances are they have a lacquer on it. The reason I say this is that brass will tarnish fairly quickly and can turn black. What keeps the brass from tarnishing so fast(and keeps it shiny and gold-ish) is the lacquer which keeps the air from tarnishing. Eventually (takes years), that brass shine will tarnish even underneath the lacquer though. The way to deal with that is stripping the lacquer... then shine up with a brass cleaner once that lacquer is off, and then re-lacquer. Sometimes something will look like it is solid brass but is actually brass plated. I think you could still try the above method though, and you will eventually figure out what metal is all the way through. In either case, you could try shining it up with a brass cleaner, if nothing happens to make them look better, you will need to strip it. That means there is lacquer that needs to be stripped to get to the brass. Then try to brass cleaner it again. (TRY BRASSO cleaner) If still nothing looks better, then the metal is probably a cheap metal that has been painted to look like brass and can just be repainted and finished off with another lacquer or polycrilic finisher.

  • Megan
    on Jul 9, 2019

    Hi Carol! Chalk paint is great for painting chandeliers. I have painted a couple with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. :)

  • Betsy
    on Jul 9, 2019

    Hi Carol: What are you trying to do with it? If it's just cleaning it, there is a spray that you spray on the chandelier, putting a towel underneath to catch drips. No wiping or anything:) You can get it at most home improvement centres. It's Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner. If you want ideas as to what to do with your chandelier, if you will submit a picture and some ideas of what you are trying to accomplish, we can help. Good luck

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