How do I rid my house of little black moths?

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  • Pamela Pamela on Jul 03, 2019

    Hi ! They sound like pantry moths ..and they can be a pain . They come from dry goods , usually cereals or pasta , flour or grain that have sat too long . You need to go through all of your cabinets and throw away anything that you have had more than 6 months and if you have had the moths for awhile you might need to get rid of all boxes and bags and move newer items into glass or plastic containers. Good luck !

  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Jul 03, 2019

    OK...this can get bad!!! We had this when we first bought our home and it was awful. You have to find the source. You said you looked and haven't found it but what you really need to do is go through the entire pantry and take EVERYTHING OUT!!!!!!! It sucks, but it is the only way to get rid of them. Once you do that you have to clean and wipe down all surfaces of the pantry because you never know where there are eggs and if anything spilled on your pantry shelves or drawers(especially with kids), they could be living in that too. So go through and remove everything and look in everything. It's not always just flour and could be from oatmeal, any grain whatsoever and they love NUTS. Any stuff they can get to that is in a box or bag. Then go out and spend some money on some airtight containers. ALSO...find freezer space for all grains. You will have to put the grains away in the freezer for a while and cereals and pasta should be put in those airtight containers. Also, check all your cabinets....not just your pantry. Take everything out of ALL of your cabinets because the moths will lay eggs that become a wormy thing that can be found anywhere inside cabinets. Once the source of food is gone though you will start to see it dissipate. But it will take a little while. This is such an annoyance!! I don't have this problem anymore because I just keep my grains and flours in the freezer always. Good sorry you are dealing with this!!

  • Em Em on Jul 03, 2019

    How LONG (6 months in the above post) has nothing to do with cereal moths. They come in cereal, rice, cat food, flour, cake mix when you buy them. They don't sneak into your house when you are sleeping. I have learned to put everything in plastic containers or glass jars when I bring them home. As soon as a box of pet food is opened it goes into a tight container. Once they are in your house you have to do some housekeeping to find them. They build little webs in corners of cabinets like where you keep you baking supplies. Do a thorough cleaning of all supplies. Empty cupboards and clean all corners and crevices and look through all of you supplies to see if there is any current contamination. Boxes of things like rice usually don't have and inner bag like cake mixes do so once a moth larvae get in the box you bring it home and that is where the cycle starts.

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    • Mine came in dog food I ordered on line. Needless to say I never ordered again.

  • If in fact pantry moths, read and try this.

    I used Formula 409 until the Aunt Norma's arrived. You must be diligent and clean the entire kitchen. It's a pain and it took me several days to get it all done.