Asked on Jul 9, 2019

How do I clean the toilet bowl?

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  • Christel
    on Jul 9, 2019

    Depends on how hard your water is. We have hard water and every few months I resort to a pumice stone to work off any build up. Good luck!

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jul 9, 2019

    Lysol Lime & Rust Remover Toilet Bowl cleaner, comes in a black squirt bottle. Scrub with Scrub Daddy or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

  • Lucky Home Today
    on Jul 9, 2019

    If you have hard water stains (we have very hard water in New Mexico), then try a pumice stone. Just make sure you wet the pumice before trying to gently scrub the yuck.

  • Betsy
    on Jul 9, 2019

    Hi Carla: Try this: Let all of the water out of the bowl and keep it out. You can tie the rod in the tank up so that the tank doesn't fill. Then, well actually first, get a product from the dollar store called Totally Awesome Rust, Calcium and Lime Remover. Spray some paper towels with this and apply to the area you need cleaned. Use rubber gloves to do this. Let it sit several hours, (not overnight because someone will come in to use the toidy at night and flush the paper towels down. Not good!) keeping the paper towels wet. Lift one of the towels to see if the area is clean. If not, reapply the spray. Wipe the area with the paper towels and you should be o.k. Then remove the paper towels and throw them away. DON'T FLUSH THEM! That will create a new problem for you that you certainly don't want! Let the tank fill and flush. Don't use anything caustic that will scratch the porcelain because dirt, rust, etc., will get into those little scratches and cause a mess. You can use Bon Ami if you need to scour the areas, or even a Magic Eraser. Check, with a mirror, to see if the holes under the rim are clean. Sometimes they get clogged with rust or minerals. Spray the Totally Awesome up in them, too and you can use a metal fingernail file, nail, or something sturdy to get the gunk out. Don't be really rough, you don't want to crack the porcelain. It's pretty strong, but be careful:) Good luck

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