Asked on Jul 9, 2019

How do I clean dog urine stains?

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Need to remove dog urine

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  • Lynn Sorrell
    Lynn Sorrell
    on Jul 9, 2019

    from what? furniture,carpet ,hardwood flooring,mattress,grout/tile,laminate flooring,vinyl flooring,grassy lawns,concrete patio dog run/kennel,clothing,sleeping bags????

    • Lynn Sorrell
      Lynn Sorrell
      on Jul 10, 2019

      Linoleum--------mix 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with a squirt of dish soap and a sprinkle of baking soda. mix in glass bowl spread onto stained area let it sit at least 1-15 minutes then wipe up with sponge and hot water. for odor need good pet enzyme Not all enzyme cleaners are equally effective. Good enzyme cleaners are typically a bit more expensive. Cheap ones will work, but need to be reapplied over and over (and probably end up costing as much as the more expensive enzyme cleaners). Enzyme cleaners this author is aware of that work well and reliably include Nok Out, Urine Off, and Anti-Icky Poo.

      Of course any cleaner needs to be used properly. Most enzyme cleaners come in a spray bottle. This is deceptive, because just spraying a light layer of enzyme cleaner over a urine stain will not result in complete cleaning of that spot. Cat /dog pee wicks(spreads into outer area of stain), and unless the enzyme cleaner completely envelopes all of the cat/dog pee, even it won’t work. “Spraying” doesn’t work. Dousing, pouring, and soaking are required when cleaning up cat urine.

      To properly use an enzyme cleaner on a fresh stain:

      1. Blot up as much of the urine as you can before applying anything.

      2. Soak the affected area with the enzyme cleaner.

      3. Let the enzyme cleaner sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

      4. Blot up as much of the enzyme cleaner as possible.

      5. Leave the enzyme cleaner to air dry.

  • Redcatcec
    on Jul 9, 2019

    Where are the urine stains?

  • Kelli L. Milligan
    Kelli L. Milligan
    on Jul 9, 2019

    Try Natures Miracle.

    • Jill
      on Jun 22, 2020

      This. You need to train the dog!

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  • Betsy
    on Jul 10, 2019

    Hi Robin: I have used a product called Odormute. Pet Supplies Plus used to carry it, but I'm not sure now. You can get it online. You need a product that will change the chemical properties of the urine, or an enzyme eater. Also, Odormute will clean the spot. I have used it for years and have not been disappointed. Even on cat pee stains that were over 16 years old under a carpet, through the padding, in a corner and onto the wooden floor. Never knew the cats were using that area:( AC takes care of a lot of smells. Also cleaned and whitened my son's baseball pants. The cats peed on them and I found out a year later (they were in a box) and the pants came out white and stink free. The stuff seems expensive, but you just use a little bit. It's environmentally safe, you can use it on your pet for skunk smells, and it's made in the USA! Doesn't get any better than that. Good luck with whatever you use.

  • Judy
    on Dec 2, 2019

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