Jon stark
Jon stark
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Asked 13 hours ago

How do I kill poison ivy without killing everything around it?

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  • Jan Clark
    12 hours ago

    Your best bet is to use a systemic weed killer and a plastic bag, cardboard or some other shield for the plants you don't want to kill. Do this at a time when the wind isn't blowing. Make sure you are well protected from the poison ivy by wearing long pants, long sleeves, gloves, etc. Remember that even once the plant is dead, its oils are still viable. When you're removing the dead stuff, cover up again and get everything into a constructor grade trash bag. If any shoots actually come up in the following days or weeks (and they might!) repeat as soon as you see them.

  • Rebecca Taylor
    8 hours ago

    Hi Jon, I would say that if you took a brush and painted the killer on the leaves you would have less chance of killing your other plants.

  • Jon stark
    7 hours ago

    than you

  • Jon stark
    7 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    30 minutes ago

    Cut at the root and apply an herbicide. After the leaves & vines die, you can much more easily remove but they are still able to cause skin irritation so proceed with caution.

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