Asked on Jul 10, 2019

How do I clean hardwood floors?

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what do you use to clean hardwood floors

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  • Stephie McCarthy
    on Jul 10, 2019

    When I want to clean mine quickly, we sweep first, then place 4-5 unscented baby wipes on the floor overlapping. Press these down with a long handled push broom type tool (you can use any kind of tool that will hold the baby wipes against the floor while you push them around). Push the baby wipes around an area about 20 square feet. When you pick up the baby wipes you can use them to clean any stubborn spots on the floor with a minimum of bending. Start on another section of floor with more baby wipes. This system replicates the Swiffer type cleaners, without the expense. When we want to deep clean the floor, we vacuum and then use hot steam in a steam broom.

  • Bona products have always worked well for me. Just be sure not to use anything that will dull the original finish.

  • Betty Albright-Bistrow
    on Jul 11, 2019

    Hi Cindy!

    We have hardwood floors and we have a special cleaner we use on them just for hardwood floors.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jul 11, 2019

    I've been using this for about 15 years and my floors look great. First, sweep to remove as much dust & debris as it will scratch it when you mop. Then mix 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 Tbsp blue Dawn, 2 gallons warm water. Wring mop as much as possible. Mop to clean. In between, I use a microfiber duster to clean the floors. If I want extra shine, I add OrangeGlo.

  • Vimarhonor
    on Jul 12, 2019

    Hello Cindy. We have had hardwood floors in our 7 different homes and have used a lot of HW floor products over the years. We stopped using the steam mop when it started blistering off the finish at the seams on a new traditional oil based sealed oak hw floor installation.

    The past two years we have been using the BONA mop and solution and we’re very pleased with the results.

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