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Asked on Jul 13, 2019


Penne JohnsonG. Michael R. Hickman


Thx for all your help here guys re: my Monarch problems. I am planning on getting rid of the wild grown milkweed that popped up in my Moonflower large cactus looking plant. I have had total of 25 monarch cats and excited every time. One actually made a Chrystallis but never evidently lived as she never came out. Everyone of these little guys all sizes

have died. I am thinking that this particular milkweed grew in this pot where I possible sprayed for insects, or the dirt

I filled in with last year might have been contaminated. I plant on throwing away any and all little milkweeds that are

starting to grow and have purchased a new Milkweed and placed it on a table about 15ft away. Any suggestions or am

I on the right track. 25 cats. so many to loose. I still have the rest of this month for hopefully more babies on the new plant. Only seen the Monarch flying near it twice so she does know its there. So disappointed.

Thanx guys

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  • G. Michael R. Hickman
    on Jul 13, 2019

    gather the seeds and plant elsewhere where the earth has not been contaminated.... please -

  • Penne Johnson
    on Jul 13, 2019

    I am just going to destroy this one plant, as I am sure it grew wild in a pot that I had other flowers in. I am taking no chances. I wouldn't even save the seeds at this point. I bought a new large milkweed plant and am putting it far away from this area in a pot. I have o dirt so all my plants are in pots. Thanks The pot is way too big for me to empty and wash out as it has another very large moonflower plant in it. I don't even trust the old dirt at this point. Everything is going to be fresh and new.

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