Asked on Jul 14, 2019

How do I paint over an ugly color laminate kitchen counter top?

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Paint over a ugly color lamament kitchen counter top

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  • Tinyshoes
    on Jul 14, 2019

    Melanie....They have some nice kits at Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. You can Google and watch some videos as they apply the techniques. Good luck! Hope this helps.

  • K. Rupp
    on Jul 14, 2019

    I used ENVIROTEX resin. Totally ok around food and they use it on bar tops. First I primed, then I painted my kitchen countertops with stone spray and made it look granite like. Then poured envirotex resin on top of it. You might want to make a frame for the sides of the countertop because the edges are tricky to get a smooth finish. But whatever you do, cover the lower cabinets with plastic because when it gets poured, it will drip down off the sides. Follow the directions on the box and you will love the result. For a few years after we did it, people thought it was granite. Good Luck! Then you use a blow torch to get all the bubbles out. Follow the envirotex directions on the box. Google tutorials. It's a great product and our countertops have held up for years now. People ask me if it was real granite. I think we used 5-6 boxes of envirotex for our countertops. Totalling around $300. We have a lot of countertops too. hope this helps. It definitely has extended our old pink laminate countertops for another 5-6 years before we can afford real granite or quartz. Good Luck!

  • Nicole L. Hilse
    on Jul 15, 2019

    DON'T!! On a sunny hot day remove the countertop pick a dry area and that gets full sun all-day place the countertop in the sun the glue holding the laminate to the wood will deteriate and the laminate will pop right off pick the new color and apply

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