Asked on Jul 16, 2019

Can you give me suggestions for organizing kitchen drawers?

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  • Peggy Burnette
    on Jul 16, 2019

    Hi Kristine, here are some helpful hints to help you get your kitchen drawers organized. Good luck. How to Organize Your Kitchen with 12 Clever Ideas

    1. Expandable Drawer Dividers. ...
    2. Add a Towel Bar on the Outside of Your “Fake” Drawer. ...
    3. Separate Containers From Lids. ...
    4. Make Your Own Customized Drawer Organizer. ...
    5. Deep Drawers. ...
    6. Add Dividers to the Cabinet Above the Fridge. ...
    7. Hold Your Lids in Place With a Tension Rod. ...
    8. Use a Pegboard Inspired Drawer System.

    More items...•Jun 21, 2016

    How to Organize Your Kitchen with 12 Clever Ideas - One Crazy House

  • IrmaielizhdzH1519
    on Jul 16, 2019

    Put everything you don't use on a daily or weekly basis away and out of the drawers, you know, like the stuff you only use for holidays and special occasions. Now the question is where will you keep all that and still keep them clean enough to use comfortably---in the garage? the attic? the basement? Gotta declutter!!! gotta declutter!!!! gotta declutter!!!!

  • Pamela
    on Jul 16, 2019

    Hi ! I am not sure if you are asking about all the kitchen drawers or the utensil drawer ??? I will start with that one . First empty everything out of I ! I bought holders at the dollar store , I bought a couple of longer ones and a shorter one . I also picked up a white ceramic pitcher , but you can use any wide mouthed

    Jar or vase . I put my most frequently used utensils in it . They will be at hands reach when you are cooking . Then In my drawer I put the rest of my utensils and cooking gadgets . I reevaluated each thing before I put it in the the I need this , does it work well , is it a duplicate .... I put in a few of the containers , but they didn't fill the drawer . In the smaller one I put small items , like measuring spoons , mini wisk , tea ball the bigger one , I put mixer beaters , scraper , melon baller , put other things in the open area and knives and kitchen scissors , separate off to the side . In my other drawers I keep. Napkins , dishclothes , I keep my plastic wrap and tin foil in another ( for those , I want to get a holder that gets attached to the inside of a cabinet door )

    Just try to group things together so it is easier to find . Get rid of things you don't use ! Good luck !

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jul 16, 2019

    I purchased expandable drawer dividers for large items like spatulas, tongs, and big spoons. Cutlery tray or bins for silverware drawer.

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