What can I do with this blank space next to the doorwall (pic)?


This is our cottage. I don’t know what to do with the empty space next to the door wall. Inside this space is the hot water tank and hold tank. Just want to make it more appealing to look at.

q what can i do with this blank space next to the doorwall
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  • Em Em on Jul 20, 2019

    Right side? Left side? On the siding? Can you explain what you want to do a little better?

  • Gk Gk on Jul 20, 2019

    FInd a big outdoor walling hanging. Hobby Lobby has some nice metal ones! Often on sale or on clearance!

  • Rymea Rymea on Jul 20, 2019

    3 matching hanging baskets with another matching one sitting on the far right corner railing.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jul 20, 2019

    Hi Liz,

    You could take attention away from it by hanging over-the-railing planters along the railing and filling them with colorful flowers. I hope that inspires you to figure out what will work. Wishing you the best.

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Jul 20, 2019

    You can create huge outdoor art using a wood frame sealed against the elements and covered with a shower curtain. Or, do the same thing and make a gallery wall. Add hanging plants for depth.

  • Joanna - Gingham Gardens Joanna - Gingham Gardens on Jul 20, 2019

    That area would make a great spot for a lovely little flower garden. I'm assuming you'd probably want something very low maintenance. Create a little path leading to the access, add in a bench and some landscape lights, and you've got a lovely outdoor space, place it would add some curb appeal from the lake side. There are lots of articles on my website to help get you going, when you have a few minutes start with this one. https://ginghamgardens.com/low-maintenance-flower-garden/

  • [re]FɄB19 [re]FɄB19 on Jul 20, 2019

    I think you just need some plants and flowers in front of the treillis.

  • Dee Dee on Jul 21, 2019

    I would go to Hobby Lobby or Kirklands and get a nice big outdoor sign or metal picture for the wall. Or you can put shelves in front of the wall for plants etc.

    I would also paint the trellis on the bottom white and if you do not need access would put hooks and hang some plants.

    I think your area just needs some color everything is bland. Color will make it more apealing.

  • Em Em on Jul 22, 2019

    Wooden long planter on the porch with a trellis for Morning Glories, a wooden American flag, a giant rustic star, a grouping of garden tools, hoe, shovel pitchfork, a a long plaque you screw into the wall with a cute stenciled saying and hanging baskets from underneath with hooks.

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