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Asked on Jul 21, 2019

How do I get lilies to bloom above the leaves?

GkJ NealGrace Gleason


How come Stella Dora Lily’s grow on short stems? They don’t bloom above the leaves, like most Lily’s do.

q how do i get lily s to bloom above leaves

They also do this at the park, where I take care of a garden.

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  • Celia Jennings Bolton
    on Jul 21, 2019

    Mine don't bloom very much higher than the leaves but if you're using too much or the wrong kind of fertilizer, you could be causing the leaves to grow more than usual. And, it might be time to divide them.

  • Linda Sikut
    on Jul 21, 2019

    Hi Nancy,

    That's a very interesting question. I went searching and in some photos online the flowers are shorter and on some they are not. I could find nothing that explained why. My guess is that it depends on the plant and the environment where it is growing. It might need some soil amendments or maybe deadheading will change it. Here's an article about caring for Stella De oro lilies that might help. Wishing you the best.

  • When I had them, mine did. Are they getting enough sun? How are you fertilizing? Too much can provide fabulous foliage, but stunted bloom growth.

  • Grace Gleason
    on Jul 21, 2019

    Mine are too short and always have been. I have had them at 2 different homes now. The ones at McDonald Garden Center look exactly the same, so I think it's just the way they are. There has to be something better. I'm trying "Happy Returns" now.

  • J Neal
    on Jul 21, 2019

    It depends on the type of Lily. Some bloom below the leaves and some bloom above the leaves. I have both. Check with a local nursery or do some research online.

  • Gk
    on Jul 21, 2019

    My Stella D'Ora lilies have been in my garden for many years. My older plants have higher blooms than my younger plants.

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