Summer outdoor work hack - refreshing towels


At the beginning of summer I pull out a stash of 10 washcloths for summer use: 1st: grab a big kettle or container that will hold all of washcloths2nd: fill the container with water & about 1/2 teaspoon mint extract3rd: soak the washcloths for about an hour4th: wring out the washcloths, fold & roll into egg-roll size pieces5th: place your rolled washcloths in a zip-plastic bag & put bag full of washcloths in the freezer overnight6th: next day move the zip-lock bag to your Refrigerator After coming in from gardening, a brisk walk/run, or outdoor work, pull out one of those refreshing moist mint-scented washcloths & wipe the brow, neck, etc. If you keep a little clip handy roll the washcloth (corner to corner) & clip it around my neck to feel refreshed & to cool down quickly.

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