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Today you’re getting a sneak peak of the new accessible bathroom my sisters and I planned and designed for our Mom. I love when we get to the point where the finishing touches are going on!

When we were finally ready to hang towels, we headed out to our local big box store.

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These days, big box stores have a decent selection of wall hooks. We spotted what looked like the perfect one! However, the rounded ends made me think the towels might slip off too easily if not hung up just right! No one wants to stoop to pick up a towel that keeps accidentally falling on the floor!

This is the hook we selected, complete with everything needed to install (except Joey as you’ll see further down) 😉. The unique shape at the top and steep angle lends itself to being extra grippy to prevent the slippy.

Using green tape, and help from my youngest sister, I positioned the hooks where I thought they’d look good.

At first, I tried them both at the same level, but somehow staggering them seems more interesting. The lone piece of green tape off to the far right is for a single towel ring by the sink. 

The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Getting back to the functionality, before installing a towel hook, always test it out first. Grab any old towel and a second set of hands. Hang the towel off each part of the hook to make sure the towels will stay put!

Stand back to make sure the height is also right (this is where my sister’s extra set of hands come in handy). You don’t want the towel to drag on the floor, or get caught up as you brush by it, so positioning is key!

You know what they say about measuring twice and cutting once? In the case of towel hooks, be sure to look at them from a distance once more time before drilling. It’s your last chance to change your mind: holes in tile are permanent! There’s no covering up a mistake.

Modelling the latest in towel hook accessories is our trusty contractor Joey! Here he is doing his best Vanna White impression. Does it make you want to buy a vowel - er, I mean towel?

Drill Holes

Use a diamond tipped drill bit. I wouldn’t attempt to drill through thick porcelain tile without one! That’s a sure fire way to crack your beautiful tile. However, if you have thinner ceramic tile, a masonry bit would likely work in that instance. A masonry bit that’s pointed is even better: it will help you keep it from travelling.

As a do-it-yourselfer, another way to prevent the drill from travelling, no matter what bit you use, is to put tape over the spot you’re drilling first. I find it gives the drill bit something to grip to – as opposed to slippery tile. Some diy’ers even take a sharp nail and use a hammer to chip out a divot to start. I prefer not to take the risk of cracking the tile with this method and don’t find it necessary.

My advice? If it’s your first time drilling tile, it doesn’t hurt to do a practice hole (or two) on a spare piece of tile to get the feel for it. Since Joey’s a professional, and uses the best equipment, he doesn’t bother with any of those methods to prevent travelling. He just goes for it and applies firm, even pressure! Drilling through tile is an undertaking of patience. It goes slow, but you’ll get there in the end.

The next set of holes went much faster because we positioned the hook on the actual grout line.

Plug it Up!

Joey replaced the plugs that came with our hooks for better quality ones because they’ll be holding all the weight. Regardless of whether you upgrade, don’t forget to use plugs! They’re an integral part of the installation.

To install the plug, insert it into the hole. Drive the plug in by covering it first with a piece of wood, like this paint stick. That’s so you don’t accidentally miss and hammer the tile. Then tap it in flush to the tile with a hammer.

Missing that step (not to mention the plug) is the second sure fire way to crack the tile. You’ll thank me later 😉.

Attach the towels hooks with the screws provided.

Here is how the tiled wall started:

I surprised Mom with luxurious new fluffy white towels. It’s such a treat to get fresh towels; especially when the bathroom is brand spanking new! Here is how it looks now, accessorized with the new towels:

Our Mom’s accessible bathroom was a real labour of love from start to finish 😊. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. There’s a lot more to show you so stay tuned for the rest of Mom’s Accessible Bathroom series!

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Suggested materials:

  • Towel hooks  (Big box store)
  • Towels  (Winners (Samantha Pynn Home))

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