How do I go about starting a process of home improvements?


I am going to be receiving some funds for home improvements. Should I hire someone that can direct me on what I should do first, etc. Like, do I put flooring in first or new appliances. That kind of thing.

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  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Jul 31, 2019

    April....I would certainly talk to someone that is familiar with the fixes or improvements you are about to begin. Good luck!

  • Mogie Mogie on Jul 31, 2019

    Do you want to go room by room? Or tackle big overall projects first, such as flooring or paint?

    Do I have the time and energy to complete everything right now?

    What do I absolutely need to do right now and what projects can wait?

    What types of projects will give me a good return on my investment?

    Will I need to hire a contractor or can I complete these things myself?

    Will these type of upgrades will reduce my energy and water consumption?

    Start with your less expensive home repairs, then with your needs.

    Handle any project that could affect your family’s safety, such as child-proofing.

    Repair anything that may cause permanent damage like leaky roofs.

    Upgrade items in your home that will help save you money. This includes projects that reduce energy and water consumption.

    Replacing the windows in your home will make a huge difference.

    Make low-cost improvements that offer big results like painting, wallpapering and changing out fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen.

    Last, but not least, tackle the biggest projects or needs, which includes flooring, furniture and outdated light fixtures.

    Just Goggle home improvements what to do first for more info.

  • I think Mogie above asked some good questions. I would make a list of what needs to get done vs. wants to get done. Something to think about is start with the ceiling and work your way done. Ceiling work, painting, lighting, appliances then flooring. Get some of the dirty work done then change the flooring.

    If you give us some more specifics maybe we can be of more help.

  • Libbie B Libbie B on Jul 31, 2019

    Kitchen and baths are the prices upgrades. I'd start with one of those spaces. Don't be afraid to visit weekend classes at home improvement stores. You can pick up a lot of information there.

  • You can but I imagine you probably have an idea of things you’d like to do or fix. Walking around and taking note of things will help you determine.

  • Lindsay Aratari Lindsay Aratari on Mar 31, 2020

    I would hire someone so that you are sure to be doing everything properly

  • Beni Beni on Nov 05, 2020

    There are many things that can improve your home and the best thing is that many don’t even require large funds. It all depends on exactly what you think is necessary for your home and the type of home you have.

    Detached family homes could require more investments but if flooring and appliances in particular need improvements some professional help could come in handy. There are home improvements that would impact the aspect of your home that you can do yourself or larger projects that should not be handled by someone without experience. If we’re talking about cleaning a garden or installing a garage door, there is a lot of leeway between the two.

  • Mary Tinker Mary Tinker on Dec 01, 2020

    Home improvements may involve:

    • Remodelling certain parts of the home for giving them a new look.

    • Existing structure repairs.

    Keep these things in mind when planning for home improvements:

    Before starting the home improvement project, you must have a clear understanding of why you need home improvement.

    If you want to increase the value of your home; then start your home improvements with bathroom and kitchen remodelling. It would be a smart choice that benefits you from every perspective.

    If your flooring looks old; you can replace your carpet flooring. New flooring can add an appealing style to your home.

    If possible paint interior and exterior of your home. It is the most inexpensive solution.

    Note: Home improvement is all about enhancing the appeal of your home. So it is not limited to only several types of improvements.

    Starting a home improvement project with the home inspection process could be very beneficial for you.

  • Beni Beni on Feb 12, 2021

    When I look at brick walls combined with light-colored wood, I can understand the struggle to combine colors. Those two alone don’t particularly go together. I could suggest that you apply a more monochrome color and appeal to contradictions, go with white as some home trends might not be as outdated as we think. White kitchen cabinets and brick walls go perfectly together, and like that, the countertop can either be a light brown, grey, black. I suggest painting your cabinets white because the color will light up the entire room and go amazing against the dark shade of the bricks.