Does anyone know what this is on my tomato plant (pic)?


Does anyone know what this is on my tomato plant

q does anyone know what this is on my tomato plant

What is this on my tomato plant?

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  • Brenda Brenda on Aug 02, 2019

    It's a tomato hornworm. The white all over it are eggs. They will devour a tomato plant. You need to kill it

  • DebraY DebraY on Aug 02, 2019

    It's a tomato horn worm, it has already been infected by a wasp and the large are eating its host. Leave it be or flick it off, it's life is over.

  • DebraY DebraY on Aug 02, 2019

    Typo larve not (large)

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Aug 02, 2019

    Hi Jo-Ann, it looks like the eggs of a tomato hornworm. Here's a great tutorial that will show you how to get rid of them -

  • Katie Katie on Aug 02, 2019

    Plant marigolds around your tomatoes to keep green horned worms away.

  • Toni @ Girl, Just DIY! Toni @ Girl, Just DIY! on Aug 02, 2019

    Hes it's a Hornworm, I'd never seen on in our garden before. I saw it a few years ago in a Facebook group and then a week later we had one. Make sure you kill it and try to find all the eggs. You may need to get some spray.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Aug 02, 2019

    Hello. Please read the attached link to understand what you’re seeing. The horn worm is infected with a parasitic wasp eggs.

    Picking off all the caterpillars and worms— with or without the eggs is highly suggested

  • Rymea Rymea on Aug 03, 2019

    Vimarhonor posted a good link but it actually said to leave the worm alone.

    Quote "So, if you see a bright green hornworm carrying what looks like a clutch of white-colored insect eggs on its back, leave it there! The hornworm is not only feeding its own destruction, it is also carrying potential destroyers of hornworm brothers, sisters and descendants. That means we get those wonderful, luscious tomatoes right off the vine, the braconids get a meal and a future, and the hornworms get�GONE!" The wasps which will hatch from the eggs feed on hornworms, caterpillars, beetles, aphids, squash bugs and stink bugs.

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